I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Appropriate Technology (IAT) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I received my Master Degree in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from BUET. I am pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemical Engineering with specialisation in Biotechnology at BUET. Prior joining to academia, I worked for a couple of years in administration. Though I am a university teacher by profession, I enjoy writing greatly. For me, writing is a great passion. I worked as a correspondent and contributing writer at different National English Daily Newspapers and Magazines during my undergraduate study. I contribute regularly to Bangladeshi mainstream Newspapers and literary and scientific Magazines. I have authored a book on Liberation War of Bangladesh titled, 'Alokh Juddha'. I earnestly solicit your blessings for my forthcoming book ‘Affaire de Coeur’. As an academician, my primary aim is to address different socioeconomic issues through my research and writing. Therefore, the overarching objective of my research is to provide the environment that best addresses the needs of my motherland. My research interests broadly encompass issues related to Management of Technology, Biotechnology, Food and Environmental Engineering and Management. My work has appeared in international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Applied Water Science, Springer, Elsevier, Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research, Journal of Nature Science and Sustainable Technology and Industrial Engineering and Management. Currently, I am working as a Reviewer of the Journal titled 'Advances in Economics and Business, USA' and Member of Intellectual Property Steering Committee of BUET. I was the principal proponent of UGC-HEQEP Project titled, ‘Establishment of Technology Transfer Office in BUET’. Presently, I am working with the management team of ESTex-BUET. The two-way knowledge transfer that results from engagement activities is a powerful way of shaping one’s own knowledge. I am thus keen to engage myself with international organizations, government agencies and industries with a view to sharing our mutual experiences. I am also happy to be a sparring partner, especially for students who are graduating, who are making life choices, and who are puzzling with their career paths. This website contains my academic and professional as well as extracurricular information. It also contains information for students, information regarding the courses I take as a teacher. For any query, suggestion or collaboration, please contact: ahmadfarid@iat.buet.ac.bd. The following are a few glimpses of my activities.

As humanity steps into the reality of life with Covid-19, life already feels drastically different. Today, staying deaf-and-dumb for 24 hours without talking, hearing or reading about the coronavirus would be an act of pretending. Discussions about Covid-19 over the dining table, trolling and viral social media content have multiplied – arguably as quickly as the virus itself. Coronavirus has now become the talk of the world – replacing the buzz about climate change.

A large-scale industry frequently benefits only a small number of people, and hardly follows trickle-down theory to result in greater prosperity for society as a whole. Small enterprises like the LE Industry (I) can play a significant role in developing entrepreneurial skills and generating employment in a developing economy like Bangladesh – because its economy is characterised by a high level of unemployment, mass poverty and low per capita income. At present, all developing countries, as a part of their development strategy – to grow a country's industrial base and bring about economic liberation – have been intensifying their efforts to develop LES. India and Pakistan have set up numerous industrial parks for LEEs.

A wearer hardly considers that it takes around 7,600 litres of water to make a pair of jeans. The benefits of a car are clear to everybody. In addition to life’s necessities, they are a source of pleasure and social status. Both textile and automotive industries are one of the main sources of employment and economic growth. Nevertheless, they are being pointed out as major contributors to environmental pollution nowadays. Why? Their respective strong dependence on large consumption of raw material and fossil fuels leads to environmental problems. Therefore, companies in these sectors have been trying different strategies to overcome these challenges; taking initiatives to reduce the environmental burdens from their uses and production process. Yet these changes have been insufficient to make the sectors more sustainable. The major environmental concern in the 21st century is global warming, ozone depletion, scarcity of freshwater, raw material and land availability. All these have a great impact on how companies manage their business.

দাদুভাই ইন্ডিয়ান আর্মিতে ছিলেন। দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধের প্রাক্কালে সেনা সৈনিকের সুঠামো শরীর ওলাবিবির রক্তচক্ষুর কবলে পড়ে মৃত্যুর কোলে ঢলে পড়েন। হাফকিনের কলেরার টিকা বিশ্বজুড়ে প্রসার লাভ করে দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধের সময়। লাখো সৈনিকের প্রাণ বাঁচিয়েছিলো টিকাটি। প্রথম ভ্যাকসিন নিতে কেউ রাজি না হওয়ায়, প্লেগের টিকার মতো নিজের আবিস্কৃত এই টিকাটি সাহসী হাফকিন নিজের ওপরই প্রয়োগ করেছিলেন। টিকার ধাক্কায় প্রথমে বেশ অসুস্থ হয়ে পড়লেও পরোপকারী মানুষটি কোনরকমে প্রাণে বেঁচে যান। নানা দেশ ঘুরে ১৮৯৩ সালে তিনি কলকাতায় এসেছিলেন এখানকার কলেরা নির্মূলে কাজ করতে। ১৮০০ সাল থেকে এ পর্যন্ত সারা বিশ্বে কলেরায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে মৃত্যু হয় ৪ কোটি মানুষ। সৈনিক দাদুর মৃত্যুতে তাঁর অবুঝ সন্তান সংকল্প করেছিলেন বড় হয়ে সে প্রতিরক্ষা বাহিনীতে যোগ দিবেন। নবীন যুবক ১৯৪৯ সালে সেনাবাহিনীর কমিশন পরীক্ষায় অবতীর্ণ হন ।

Although science is universal, the practice of science has always been driven by political, economic, and social interests. Science and religion do not need each other to function, but they can benefit from each other. Anyway, science like Modern Physics cannot explain thoroughly all the metaphysical phenomena that Islam reports. Indeed, Islam does not necessarily need the endorsement of science to validate its principles, yet it is very interesting to observe that findings in modern physics give clues about the theoretical proof of many events and messages like Miraj of the World Prophet (PBUH) conveyed in the Holy Qur’an. After the Wright brothers had invented the first successful airplane in 1903, atheists used to say, “Man is only able to ascend to a height of one or two kilometers with a thousand difficulties by means of a plane. How then could someone come and go bodily within a few minutes covering a distance that would normally take thousands of years?” They regarded and realised time and space in the same category.

Ragging is a crime, and its punishment should be jail. Being informed, we cannot pooh-pooh student’s grievance by asking him to go to another hall. We should provide neutral, confidential and supportive environment for the victim. Discipline in institutions is a must and the law have to be enforced irrespective of politics so that students cannot say grieving, “We’re not safe at our dorms.”
We say always, BUET is like a family.  We all need a policy of ‘Zero Tolerance” to these sorts of crimes in our mini-community. Awaking of all quarters after Abrar’s death has mounted resistance to these misdeeds. Hope this can bring peace to future students by making out of order the curse machine “ragging”.

affaire de Coeur হৃদয়ঘটিত ব্যাপার

Creative writing in English is not very popular in Bangladesh yet. It’s really challenging for homegrown Bangladeshi writer to popularize their English fiction to readers. Nevertheless, there are a growing number of fiction writers across the country who regularly writes short stories for literary supplements of different English dailies and magazines. And it is heartening that readers are now becoming interested to the stories these authors are producing.

অমর একুশে গ্রন্থমেলায় প্রকাশিত হয়েছে বাংলাদেশ প্রকৌশল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের সহকারী অধ্যাপক ফরিদ আহমদের মুক্তিযুদ্ধের বই ‘অলখ যোদ্ধা’। একাত্তরের নয়মাস বাঙ্গালীর জীবনের গুরুত্বপূর্ণ এক অধ্যায়। এ সময়ে ঘটে গেছে জানা অজানা বহু ঘটনা। লক্ষ কোটি মুক্তিকামী মানুষের প্রত্যক্ষ পরোক্ষ অবদানেই বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতা অর্জিত হয়েছে। একজন মাস্টারের মুক্তিযুদ্ধে পরোক্ষ অংশগ্রহণকে নিয়েই এগিয়েছে বইয়ের প্রতিটি ধাপ। শুধু সশস্ত্র সংগ্রামই নয়, পরোক্ষভাবেও কিভাবে মুক্তিযুদ্ধে অনেকে অবদান রেখেছিলো তা বইটিতে তুলে ধরছেন লেখক।

অনেকের মনে থাকার কথা, নব্বই দশকের দ্বিতীয়ার্ধে অ্যারোমেটিক সাবান প্রথম ‌হালাল' সাবান হিসেবে বাংলােেদেশর বাজারে আসে। শতভাগ হালাল সাবান। বর্তমানে হালাল কসমেটিকসের জন্য বিশ্বজুড়ে যে নতুন ট্রেন্ড শুরু হয়েছে, বাংলাদেশ অনেক আগেই এই বিষয়ে ইনোভেটিভ চিন্তা করেছে। সেই সময়টাতে অ্যারোমেটিক সাবানের বিপুল চাহিদার পেছনে হালাল শব্দটিই ছিলো প্রধান কারণ। বিশ্বজুড়ে সচেতন মুসলমান ভোক্তাদের মধ্যে হালাল বিউটি প্রোডাক্টের আগ্রহ দিন দিন বেড়ে চলছে। হালাল প্রসাধন প্রীতি কেবল মুসলিমদের মধ্যেই নয়, অমুসলিমদের মধ্যেও বাড়ছে। সাম্প্রতিক এক গবেষণা প্রতিবেদন অনুযায়ী, ২০১৩ সালে বিশ্বজুড়ে মুসলমানরা কেবল প্রসাধনেই ব্যয় করেছে ৪৬০০ কোটি মার্কিন ডলার।

Columns and articles published in newspapers don't have to be the end result of one’s work. Instead, they could be the beginning of a book. During my undergraduate study (1997-2000) just before the beginning of the new millennium, I worked as a correspondent and contributing writer of a national daily English Newspaper ‘The New Nation’ of Ittefaq Group of publications limited, Bangladesh. If you are interested to read some of those articles, please feel free to communicate with me to collect a compiled copy of my articles..

The countdown for the Cricket World Cup 2019 has begun. Very few of us know the amount of planning required for such an event. To give an idea of the size of the operation, Steve Elworthy, MD of the 2019 World Cup, while talking to SportsPro, pointed to the 350 training sessions planned for the competing squads at match day venues and out grounds. The International Cricket Council is responsible for the sponsorship sales and digital strategy. Media giant Star holds its broadcasting right. For the England and Wales Cricket Board, hosting the tournament means creating national excitement and converting it into generational benefits using the revenue created.

In FY 2019-20, Tk. 87,620crore (16.75 percent of the total budget allocation) has been allocated in the budget for education and training. This is the highest allocation ever for education in the country’s national budget. The University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh approved a budgetof Tk. 8,088.49 crore for the country’s 45 public universities.The commission also sanctioned Tk. 64.40 crore as research support for 37 universities, which is 0.80 percent of the total education budget for FY 2019-20. In the budget speech the well-timed initiatives of Emperor Meiji, father of modern Japan, for the development of his country’s education was instanced. The Emperor outsourced technologically trained teachers from abroad to make Japan’s education system time-befitting. The highest importance in education budget has been given on quality education....

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is the highest seat of technical education in Bangladesh and now regarded as one of the best engineering education institutes in the world. Hundreds of meritorious students get themselves admitted in BUET and the campus resounds with their pithy and wise talks. Perhaps there is no University in the world like BUET where the galaxy of talented students of the whole country swarms. BUET has many highly qualified teachers with great academic and intellectual attainments. There is no doubt about the degree of their devotion and sincerity to their profession.

My research student Ahsan Uddin Murad (Mau Murad) is defending his MSc thesis at Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Institute of Appropriate Technology - IAT, BUET The thesis topic has been accepted for further study in PhD program funded by University of Alberta and also in University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Australia under our Prime Minister fellowship of worth 2 crore taka (2.5 Lac US Dollar).