Teaching Interest

“The trend of engineering practice has been changing with the socio-economic structure and industrial diversification. Global economy, advancements of new science and changes of technology have been playing important roles in this changing trend. Therefore, to cope with the changing situation, engineers must have the ability to identify, formulate and solve new engineering problems, and understand the impact of their solutions in a global and social context.” However, though technological proficiency and creative genius are achieved through studying Engineering discipline, another determinant of success in competition in an environment full of uncertainties is the possession of management skills by the students. 

I believe problem-based learning can be an effective way as it helps students to correlate and solve engineering, scientific and management problems. Mixed lecture-based classes including theories, examples and hands-on practice and visits to the industrial sites strengthen the learning abilities of students. Moreover, Interaction with entrepreneurs, technologists, Scientists, planners, policymakers, implementers, industry personnel and top management provides ideas to the students about their future prospects and responsibilities. Such industrial, institutional and organizational know-how will motivate students, as they will be able to correlate their course materials of MSc program in Management of Technology (MOT) with their engineering profession. 

From the MOT program the students will be able to gain the knowledge and skills in courses, such as Fundamentals of Management of Technology, Technology Transfer and Diffusion Techniques, Technology Assessment, Technology Forecasting, Risk Analysis and Decision Making Theories in Technology Management, R&D and Innovation Management, Technology Policy, Planning and Control, Entrepreneurship Development for SMEs, Technology Convergence and New Product Development and Engineering Project Management while keeping up with the developments in the field of technology to achieve well-defined career goal and to develop their special aptitude towards technology, curiosity, proficiency in academic subjects to achieve that goal. Obtaining MOT degree will be a major means for students to span the gap between what they are and what they want to be; that is, to be a techno-commercial entrepreneur in Bangladesh, where there is a vast scope for development of indigenous technology and trained and expert manpower. My goal in teaching is to help students to develop their skills and knowledge regarding management of technologies, to know their strengths and comfort zones, and learn to address critical scientific questions and solve problems regarding management of Technology.