I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Appropriate Technology (IAT) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I joined IAT at BUET in late 2014. Prior joining to academia, I worked for a couple of years in administration. I received my Master Degree in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from BUET. Presently, I am pursuing a PhD in Biotechnology at BUET. I was the Principal Proponent of the project “Establishment of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in BUET”.

Though I am a university teacher by profession, I enjoy writing greatly. For me, writing is a great passion. My favorite pastime is writing. And I write at my recess periods. My interest in writing developed during childhood through my father’s motivation. Being able to relay a message through a written story has got to be my most beautiful gift. It really is something I’m quite passionate about. I hope my story will reach the ends of the earth and the message I so earnestly desire to communicate will be well received. I worked as a correspondent and contributing writer at different National English Daily Newspapers and Magazines during my undergraduate study. I have authored a book on Liberation War of Bangladesh, titled ‘Alokh Juddha’. I try to contribute regularly to Bangladeshi mainstream newspapers.

My primary aim is to address different socio-economic issues through my research and writing. My research interests broadly encompass issues related to Management of Technology, Biotechnology, Food and Environmental Engineering and Management. The overarching objective of my research is to provide the environment that best addresses the needs of my motherland. This objective is met by providing sound empirical evidence on research questions related to my area of interest. My work has appeared in international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Life Sciences, Elsevier, Applied Water Science, Springer, Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research, Journal of Nature Science and Sustainable Technology and Industrial Engineering & Management. An age-old question “what would the world of tomorrow look like?”- People have been asking over the years. Till recently, the answers were typical. But the emergence of advanced technologies has changed everything. It’s now possible to predict due to the rapid progress of technology. That is why; my research interest, by and large, lies in Management of Technology. Our imagination is not now limited by horizons. The brave new world is now exploring and experiencing newer inventions and innovations. The two-way knowledge transfer that results from engagement activities is a powerful way of shaping one’s own knowledge. I am thus keen to engage with international organizations, government agencies and private companies.

Finally, I am interested in sharing my experiences in both industry and academic research. I am also happy to be a sparring partner, especially for students who are graduating, who are making life choices, and who are puzzling with their career paths. This website contains my academic and professional as well as extracurricular information. It also contains information for students regarding the courses I take as a teacher. For any query, suggestion or collaboration, please contact: ahmadfarid@iat.buet.ac.bd