Courses Offered

AT 6002: Technology Transfer and Diffusion Techniques (Post Graduate Course)

Concepts of transfer of technology (TT); advanced diffusion techniques, proactive diffusion methods and enforced diffusion methods; international transfer of technology through different mechanisms: purchase of plant, equipment and products, foreign direct investment, joint ventures, technical collaboration, subcontracting, turnkey contracts, production sharing, management contracts, international joint ventures, subcontracting including original equipment manufacturer arrangements, licensing including technical service agreements and franchising; company acquisition; strategic alliance; nature of technology market; negotiation for technology acquisition; valuation of technology; intellectual property protection and its role in international transfer of technology; pattern and criticism of TT, suitable environment for international transfer of technology; success factors of international transfer of technology


AT 6003: Technology Assessment (Post Graduate Course)

Principles of technology assessment (TA); types of industrial technology assessment; contemporary problems of technology; some precautions of technology assessment; technology assessment models; technology assessment concepts; various types of assessment; characteristics of TA; role of TA in developing countries; the process of TA; overall assessment and follow-up plan; tools and techniques of TA; general intuitive methods; important component methods; structural decomposition methods; holistic composition methods; methodological options for TA.


AT 6006: R&D and Innovation Management (Post Graduate Course)

Basic concepts of R&D and R&D management; process of R&D management; organizing R&D, managing human resources for R&D; types of innovation; innovation and product life cycle; innovation financing and risk management; commercialization of new product;` intellectual property rights (IPR) for new products; different methods of IPR: patents; trademarks; copy rights.