Other Activities

Though I am a university teacher by profession, I enjoy writing greatly. For me, writing is a great passion. My favorite pastime is writing. And I write at my recess periods. My interest in writing developed during childhood through my father’s motivation.  Being able to relay a message through a written story has got to be my most beautiful gift. It really is something I’m quite passionate about. I hope my story will reach the ends of the earth and the message I so earnestly desire to communicate will be well received. That’s why I always desire a platform through which I can talk with a large number of people. I worked as a correspondent and contributing writer at different National English Daily Newspapers and Magazines during my undergraduate study. Many articles on issues of social significance were published in different English Daily Newspapers and Magazines.   I have authored a book on Liberation War of Bangladesh, titled ‘Alokh Juddha’. I try to participate regularly in different international writing competitions like International Radio Playwriting Competition ‘Write around the World’ organized by BBC World Service & British Council, ‘Short Story Writing Competition around the world’ organized by Commonwealth Foundation, United kingdom, Flash Fiction Writing Competition organized by Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation, Spain.  I was selected by an International Committee of Literary Merit of the Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation (Fundación César Egido Serrano in Spanish) and the Museum of the Word (Museo de la Palabra in Spanish) headquartered in Quero, Toledo of Spain as the Ambassador of the Word and the Spanish language in the world from Bangladesh for the year 2017-18. This designation is granted annually to new writers around the world whose works promote peace and concord between humans and those who recognize the great power of words to inform, comfort, relate to, and unite people across cultures. I try to contribute regularly to Bangladeshi mainstream newspapers.