Want of morality

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It is a common gossip that almost all professionals don’t have an iota of morality. Because they adopt any sort of jobbery to earn boodle. But what makes the common people cherish such idea about them? Is this a prejudice against them? It seems from their dealings and treatments, the actual sufferers sustain the above idea. In most cases, their behavior are not strictly ethical. They do not have benevolent attitude. Not that most engineers, doctors, policemen and politicians have evil savour in their respective sphere of activities. Not that the above professionals plague and exploit general people to fulfill their sordid motives. To most of the people, bribery is now a mild peccadillo. Very few can say with courage that they have not greased one’s palm. Not that most of the Engineers holding a big responsible post easily succumb to illegal gratification. To obtain illegal gains people give bribe to the high officials who are in the habit of taking bribe to earn a lot. Thus they have made a hill of money. I think not nescience but want of morality and venality are cogent reasons for bribery. The concerned people do not have contrition and are not at all racked by feelings of guilt. A fresh man starts bribery based on a fallacy ‘Everyone eats what if I eat’ and goes with the stream. Bribery is contagious.

Not that all doctors are engaging themselves to make money neglecting moral duty. They can easily treat the poor freely. They can easily serve the countrymen. Perhaps, ‘Sheba (Serving)’ is their noble duty. Policemen are meant for maintaining peace in the country. They will find out actual culprits for punishment. Not that they do not perform their duty, because of susceptibility to bribe. Not that all government officials are also indifferent to their duties. Not that the government officials demean themselves by bribery because bribing is the gravy train. Many of them do not perform their duties timely and properly, as they are not afraid of losing their jobs. Politicians promise many to get the votes but after being elected not that they forget their promises. Some of them are time serving politicians.

Graft and corruption have been increasing rampantly. As a result the development of the country is stagnant. In short, Engineers can give real and proper service to the parties and the country. Doctors can give free service to the poor patients. Policemen can give actual service to all. Politicians should try to fulfill their promises. They should follow their fellow brothers of the developed countries who act up to their principles of jobs. They think it their moral responsibility to perform their respective duties true to the sense of the time. One should have goodwill, providence, self-denial and patriotic zeal to get rid of this venal practices. I think our engineers, doctors, politicians, policemen from now onward take an oath and firm determination to give proper service in their respective sphere that will stop the gossip and blot the idea from the mind of the common people of the country. Everyone should work for the good of the country and help the country to be developed like the other civilized countries.