Unfair means in exams

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Adopting unfair means in examinations is an effrontery to our education. Students are courting unfair means in public exams from age to age. But at present it has turned to a fete which puts a jinx on nation. Perhaps, no one takes interest to realize the gravity of this problem. It seems that everyone connives at adopting unfair means in exams. Any step taken up to date to eradicate unfair means in the public exams has not yet been fruitful. On the other hand, it has been growing awful and making terrible havoc of our students.

In a national seminar the Education Minister claimed that the teachers were able enough to prevent copying in the examinations. But the evil has gone deeper than the Hon’ble Minister can imagine. It is a vicious circle where teachers, guardians, students and even authorities are involved. The whole system has fallen off and there is none to salvage the situation.

If the reasons why students inculpate themselves in adopting unfair means in the examinations have been analyzed one would consider it as the foremost contributory factor that students don’t study all the year round. Why don’t they study? It is not at all true that they don’t have time to study. But the fact is that they have already formed an idea in their minds that they would pass the examination by copying. Consequently, they mooch about neglecting their studies. It is not necessary to mention that now a days in educational institutions teachings are not being given properly as coaching business is booming in recent years. Moreover, students cherish the ready-made idea ‘what boosts to study? As there is a dearth of employment in our country. So the students become desperate in their attempts to break discipline in examination halls. These copycat desperadoes and their accomplices don’t hesitate to brew any kind of fracas to adopt unfair means in the exams.

Teachers demean themselves by losing their didactic attitudes and barter away their honour to earn money. Teachers of newly established schools and colleges aggravate the offence to fulfil their vested interests. They collect students and grant them privilege of copying in free style. They forget about their noble and sacred vocation. Few teachers claim that though they have intention to stop copying in the exams, yet they cannot do so as they are threatened and sometimes assaulted by the students and their accomplices.

Now a days students adopt unfair means in the exams under parental tutelage. What a shame it is! But in this case most guardians are illiterate and don’t have discernment of the problem. They show deference to teachers and students. Apart from these reasons, people are morally degenerating.

Police men engaged in exam hall to protect the rules and regulations also aid and abet students to earn money. Last of all, invigilators who, being present during an examination, make sure that it is conducted properly, don’t have support for this venture. Sometimes, they are bribed not to perform their duties. The mise-en-scene of the exam hall unfortunately, caricatures the whole system.

On no consideration, this evil can go on. To stop this damnable practice, each and everyone in the circle needs edification. Teachers should inculcate in their students a sense of duty and morality.

In any event, students should be nabbed for copying in the examinations. There shall be no laxity in the teachers and invigilators on duty. Teachers will have to look to their laurels and put a concerted effort to stop copying in the examinations.

It occurs to me that it is not a crux or a herculean task if sincere attempts come from all quarters. The media can play an important rule to create awareness in the minds of common people. Government should take cordial measures without dallying to stop this juvenile delinquency. Otherwise, the prognosis for the future of the country is dark and a horrible nightmare.