Sudden increase of rape

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According to UNB report, every day at least four girls are becoming victims of rape. But very few wrong doers have actually been punished so far. The Home Minister said, “In my view, such culprits should be awarded capital punishment.” In this context I intend to narrate a parable – A king met with a holy person, preparing little balls of medicine by kneading leaves of a herb and eating them one after another in the deep forest when he was hunting. The king went to him. He gave the king a little ball to eat. The king returned to his palace from hunting. At night he had sexual intercourse with his wife and many other pleasant women in his harem. Next morning, the king with his soldiers searched for more women, but could not find any in the jungle. Last of all, the king came to the sage and found him eating the same thing. The old person smiled at the tired king. He gave the king seven balls to eat and warned him, “You may live for seven days.” The king returned home and ate all the balls. But he could not think of anything except the prophecy of the holy person. Seven days passed but the king was alive. The king understood what the sage wanted to make him understand. Thinking of death surely prevents the wrong doer from doing wrongs. Following this point I hail the decision of capital punishment. But the question comes instantly, “Who will enforce the law? And When?