Of people and politics

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The emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country was a dream of millions of people desirous of getting freedom from the dependency of Pakistan that has come true. We were not vouchsafed the freedom rather it is a legacy of blood of myriad of martyrs. Bangladesh is neither an El Dorado nor a utopian state. Instead the country came into being with poverty and resource constraints.

It is a matter of great happiness that the country has no ethnic problem, no language problem or no communal problem. We are no longer under the administration of a military junta. About thirty years passed since the independence of Bangladesh teeming with people. Each and every year natural calamity causes a great havoc throughout the country. Under these circumstances, we should make a concerted effort to mitigate the sufferings of the people keeping in mind that a stable political situation is certainly a great boon to the advancement of a country.

Therefore, political concepts of different parties need to be friendly to people. Politicians are justifiably or most likely actuated by Machiavellian motives. But it is not hoped that they will let people down badly when they are elected. Obstructionism has become a rule in the present political system. It is nothing but a raw war of the government and the opposition. The opposition never hesitate to call strikes without good reason and in this way they are causing economic sabotage of the country. It is hoped that the higher echelons of the bureaucracy will take care for public-interest. An appointed ombudsman may look into the charges of corruption. And the slogan- Government of the people, by the people, for the people should not be deemed as an empty rhetoric of the democratic movement.

We are also actuated by low and selfish motives. Almost all are exploiting the others’ precarious situation for their own advantages. So the common people are passing through a lot of grey areas. Our character is like the character of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde –a character most likely to get a raspberry. Graft and corruption as well as criminal offences are to be controlled in the country. Nobody can rear hooligans and felons or shelter them. Corruption has impregnated our character horribly. Venal practices have deterred us from achieving streamlined methods.  

Not that the leviathan of bureaucracy, the opposition and the people are jeopardizing the country. Yet common people suppose they suffer from an obsession with uncertainty. They are now likely to discredit what the finest men say in the public meeting. People do not want to hear the unpleasant stories of political gerrymandering, election rigging or sabotage during strikes any more. To go to the power and to be there by foul means is not at all a moral practice and it can never be a doctrine of any political party. Politicians need to be serious and look to their laurels because they are the savior to the common people. They should at least realize the fact that people do not enjoy the sufferings because of their intransigent attitude.

Bribery and malpractice are plaguing the lives of the common people. We need to have both personal and professional integrity to get rid of our sufferings and only our goodness can save us from impending horrid doom. Actually, we do not have a vision of our future- a vision of success in overcoming our privations. As a result common people are languishing and choking with passion. For a beautiful future, we shall have to pass the terrible ordeal in order to prove our innocence. The whole shebang is ominous of bad things to come in the near future if we do not rise above the conflicts, negativity, tribalism, nepotism, corruption and all other vices. Most people already have a presentiment of trouble ahead. At this situation we all need to come forward to clean up all the evils from the society and I think honesty is the best policy to work out the salvation of the common people.

Therefore, we should resist hatred and think unity, love. We should take an oath to make peace between one another. We should engage ourselves in service aimed at the welfare of human beings irrespective of caste and creed. In this context, the saying of World Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) may be mentioned here. “Shall I not inform you of a better act than fasting, alms, and prayers? Making peace between one another: enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots. Our homeland will not be a utopia though but a better place only when we will consider one another human enough to be respected and loved. Endeavors should come from all quarters to live up to the high responsibility and trust associated with the esteemed appointment or mandate by the people of the country. If we can harness the power of positive thinking the future generations will be in a position to resolve the prevalent problems. Our country is not a place of despair. I would like to sing one song. Peace be with you. Despite our great disappointment we all are eagerly waiting for a millennium and optimistic about the outcome.