How Time Flies

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Men on the hop all day always say ‘I don’t have time to respire’, what he means is that time passes more quickly than he realizes. On the other hand, man in the lotus-position says ‘time lies heavy on my hands’ he means, time passes too slowly because he has nothing to do. Time flies or hangs-depends on how one’s spending ones’ time.

Time, You Old Gypsy Man, the subtle thief of youth. John Milton, greatest epic poet of England, accused time of saying ‘How soon hath time, the subtle thief of youth, Stolen on his wing my three-and-twentieth year!’ in the beautiful sonnet “On his arrival at the age of twenty three’ when he was just twenty three years old on the 9th December of 1631.

Einstein considered time as a fourth dimension related to space in his theory of relativity which shows that all motion is relative. Do clocks run as fast as their hands are able? I believe not, because a clock has to tick away the seconds-a short span of time chosen as a standard. The world exists in space and time. Do we feel we should have an excellent run for time? Perhaps Bangladeshis do not. Because we kill time in semi normal circuit, traffic jam and what not. Little do we highlight the problems of the students?

A few days ago, I felt exhilarated by the news that Michel Jackson was getting admission of his two year baby to a British pre-school. It is not a case in our country as myriads of guardians, supposing Jackson’s case as an infant prodigy, believe in the traditional view of going to school at the age of five or six. Moreover, blooming of child with better language and intelligence depends on the socio-economic background of the child. A child having a higher level of intelligence and coming from a good cultural back ground tends to have a better language development than one who does not have the above advantage. The British at the pinnacle of civilization feel that there is a definite advantage to early education. They believe that the children of three years of age is capable of bearing new experiences in the class room under formal conditions. They also suggest that early learning helps the child adjust to future school programmes and also helps social adjustment in its broader context. So the British educators have created a preschool atmosphere akin to the philosophy of German Scholar Froebel. At present, though there has been an increasing and thereby encouraging trend in early education in our country, we have a paucity of pre-school and existing ones are rudimentary. In many cases preschool teachers do not have the expertise on the preschool education system. Very often preschoolers refuse to go to school and parents lose their confidence in early education.

However, students begin university life with great hope and aspiration when they are just out of their teens. Unfortunately, each and every university of our country is a favourite haunt of some morbid student activists. No matter, all fresh men take part willy-nilly in student activism. But in the meantime, some students get serious aspiration to a career in student activism that has lost its principle and a sharp downward trend as they have vested interest in it. Constant indulgence in sick student activism brings about their rise or ruin. Others just go on a wild goose chase and act the giddy goat. Why do students waste their valuable time? Do they have cogent reasons to persist in it?

Perhaps students find it frustrating to complete their course at right time as they do not get a job immediately. Times are hard for the unemployed. So they think university life is a good time for them. Most of the previous governments had hardly any programme for employment generation. Student organizations are not expected to be exploited for our very existence. A lot of campaign has turned each and every campus into an arena of student activism. Universities are teeming with morbid student activists. Not that all teachers who are supposed to be the guiding light for students, have entangled themselves in student activism. So each and every university is lacking in tutelary authority to salvage its reputation in the academic atmosphere. I think salubrious air will blow in the academic atmosphere when students will put strong hold over the main stream student activism that has an enriched glorious history of its own. It is exigent and requires an ingenious contrivance to solve this problem. Hopefully, fate of a student leader will put a premium on persuading my readers to move against subversive student activism and put parental control over students.

Dipon and Preety were in the same class of my elder brother at their university college. Dipon admired Preety for her beauty. Preety loved Dipon for his indomitable courage. As Dipon was a suburbanite he had been in the intermediate college dormitory. It was the asylum where neophytes being at senior student leader’s beck and call performed their activities. Big brothers from Degree hostel used to haunt his place to convince him of their respective propaganda. In the meantime, Dipon confided in a student organization’s ideology. He had little time for study after pursuing the allocated task given to him. By the time, both Dipon and Pretty passed the HSC examination and got admitted at the honours course in the same college. Dipon spent a lot of time in the pursuit of his sick student career. Three years had elapsed and he could not pass any subject. Their feelings for each other soon began to ebb. Preety married and went to America with her husband. That was the first episode in Dipon’s life which I knew from my elder brother.

I began my intermediate course in science in the same college following that event. I met him unfortunately at the campus. He was then studying at the BA course. He had only pathos to inject into students. But he was never nominated by his student organization as he was enmeshed in a web of deceit and lies. It was the following year of my passing out of college when he stood as VP (Vice President) candidate of a polarized group of his student organization in the ‘College Chatra Sangsad Election’ (Student Association Election). Unfortunately, he was not successful at the poll. With the failure, he had reached a dead end of his student politics. The last episode was inglorious. The very next year I saw him while he was sitting on the verandah of a local MP’s house. Somehow, I came to know that Dipon joined in another party.

I swear to the story. Frankly speaking, Dipon is an alias. Readers may consider Dipon as an exception and under nourished quintuplet. I do believe that he was a victim of ineluctable fate. But it is a matter of great regret that many students are following his track through servile student activism. The academic atmosphere at the university has been jeopardized by the upstart students who usurp the role of leader. So students are not streaming out of the university steadily.

We all know that there is a good number of students who entered into national politics after the completion of student life. Many student leaders of the 60’s and 70’s are in the parliament. Hopefully, they are capable of distinguishing the present student activism from that of the past. I think it is time to ponder and find out the key to this problem that not jumping to any conclusion without much thought. Bangladesh is proud of her student’s great selfless contribution in the language Movement and Liberation War. Their sacrifice will always be remembered. Hopefully, reminiscences of the previous glorious events will prompt the present students to restore the lost nation’s confidence in the student’s politics, otherwise the prognosis for the future of the country is simply a horrible night mare. It is our responsibility to ensure that they can prepare themselves to build our homeland. They can show paths that can be followed by us and will not let their glorious history to be articulated only in one’s rhetorical speeches or writings.