BUET under crisis: Some lateral thinking

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Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is the highest seat of technical education in Bangladesh. Hundreds of meritorious students get themselves admitted in BUET and the campus resounds with their pithy and wise talks. Perhaps there is no University in the world like BUET where the galaxy of talented students of the whole country swarms. Each and every member of the faculty is famous for his punctuality. Their fame as a teacher is impeccable. Students make the campus hum on working days with educational activities. They live in amity with each other. Boys and girls are unconcerned. They do not like to hobnob with each other in the campus of BUET which is generally found in other campuses. Because they think themselves that they are not inferior to anybody in the campus. Moreover the number of the girls is fewer than that of boys. Though the girls are very few in number yet they top the merit list of many departments. On the other hand, boys earn a lot as a private tutor. It is private coaching, a good source of income which helps them not to skimp on the necessities. Each boy coaches at least two students. Thus they spend a lot of time on private teaching. Being exhausted, the students cannot perform their daily stint perfectly. So they have to grind away at their studies during preparatory leave (PL) to complete heaps of undone work that was to be performed beforehand. At that time, any slipper can win the attention of those susceptible young men.

In 1995, a Student named Abdullah (Ahmad) was shot to death in campus during PL. At this incident, the students were agitated seriously and the sequel of it was horrible. Eventually, the university was closed sine die. Though the teachers were prime and full of probity in that situation yet their sangfroid and cajolery could help to allay the revulsion of the cross students. Instead, angry recriminations of the authority put the defiant students to raze the asset and equipment of the university what the students did was-really reprehensible.

In 1997, BUET teachers moved to supersede the then vice chancellor of BUET. The movement consumed valuable one month of the students which was a great loss to them. In 1998, teachers again sullied BUET’s reputation by resigning en masse and calling strike sine die. Precision of this movement is yet subliminal. Eventually, the stalemate came to an end when the teachers managed the problem pragmatically. Although the students acquiesced in such movement that was barren of results, later on they tried to rationalize their illegitimate claim not to continue classes during “Soccer World Cup 98″ by blaming teachers for killing their valuable time. The authority approved the unusual leave as if they tried to expiate their faults and solace themselves by fulfilling students’ demand. It was a matter of shame that the students put their Alma Mater again in jeopardy before her recuperation.

In 1999, the educational atmosphere was fair and friendly. The ‘Chatra Sangsad Election (EUCSU Election) 99’ of BUET might be set as a paragon to be followed by others. But this time when the examination grind has palled upon the students, they were sick for Cricket World Cup “ 99″, the students found the Academic Council’s decision of rusticating Dipu, a student of levels 2 term 1, for two years accusing him for impersonation in a class test as a matter of serendipity. The sophomore students dashed pell-mell into the campus at midnight and did an orgy of destruction for withdrawal of this decision. I think that the authority’s retrospect and savoir faire could prevent this recidivism. They could reprieve the punishment of Dipu and notify the students of it after examination. Perhaps, it would be a better decision at that precarious situation to ward off this recurrent contretemps.

This impiety of the protean students has certainly impaired their reputation in the intelligentsia. Perhaps no one now speak of a scintilla of panegyric of BUET students as they offended against the proprieties of the authority. It is rueful that the stalemate of BUET is still going on with a contending passion between teachers and students. To break this deadlock both the students and teachers should rise to occasion to effect a rapprochement in order to bring about harmony in campus. Each and every student should take an oath not to take part as a supernumerary in such a tragic event in near future. At present, all the guardians are very much anxious and want an early solution of this problem. They are afraid of the retrograde relationship between teachers and students which may, cause the recrudescence of this deadlock.