Bangla Chhobi (Bengali Movie): A typical entertainment

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Perhaps people’s favourite recreation is watching movies and young people are the bonafide spectators of movies. In the context of relaxation people irrespective of age prefer a film with hopeful young actors and actress dazzled by the glamour. On the other hand, young people become more interested in sex during puberty and ipso facto, they like to see a movie with lots of sex in it. To glamourize and commercialize a movie the producer and the director have to select glamorous film stars-the heroine will be a looker with voluptuous beauty. She will have a slim petite body. She will always wear tight outfit which will highlight her every beautiful curve. If she dresses conservatively, it repels her onlookers. In dancing she will have to exhibit her body to ginger up the movie. These are the attributes to be a heroine. This time let me guess what attributes are you thinking of the hero. He will be a cute, smart, gallant young chap with rough and tough attitude. He is left to wear of his own volition. Finally both the hero and the heroine attribute their success to good acting, hard work and a bit of luck.

What about the story? In June, 1998 the American Film Institute came up with a list of the hundred best films ever made. The selection of the films was made over a period between 1896 and 1996. ‘Citizen Cane’ is at the top of the list. This is a movie that one like to praise but not see. After hours of toil, people want to see something imaginary and fanciful. Hence the film maker exaggerates to make the story more amusing. The film industry tries to glamourize acts of violence, feeling of love. Though ‘Titanic’ was produced for two times in major studios, but this time James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ racked in Oscars for almost every category. The story is as usual and the characters depicted are trite. One of the contents of the movie was Kate’s voluptuous nudes but it has become artistic and Hobson’s choice to everyone by Cameron’s hocus-pocus. I think not only the story, but Cameron’s skill at glamourizing the story was a reliable barometer of public preference. Though Hollywood together with Bollywood is satisfying the demands of people, our homegrown Bangla Chhobi has become eyesore and Cinderella to mediocre and gilded people. Some of you might shrug your shoulder or toss your hair away from your face when you hear of Bangla Chhobi and say ‘Bangla Chhobi’ is nothing but a hokum with lots of worse in it. They are produced for lowly people. I don’t dare to infect their prejudice against Bangla Chhobi as I am not able to produce cogent reasons for the change of their attitude. But I like to air the grievances for which people are indifferent to the watching of Bangla Chhobi.

People are enjoying high standard Hollywood and Bollywood movies by video cassette player for many years. I think video nasty does have at least some influence on juvenile delinquency. Later on Star TV launched satellites to broadcast as the supplement in this region. People’s recreation is now thoroughly fulfilled by satellite channels. Through satellite channels people are now watching movie with scene and obscene. Satellite channels now a days have become an effective media for pleasures and recreation. The scantily dressed pretty hot stuff with her persuasive puckish smile spellbound the onlookers and easily offset the thrill of watching Bangla Chhobi in large silver screen. Consequently medium and high class people don’t care a fig for Bangla Chhobi. As a movie goer I can easily figure out why people don’t go to the Bangla cinema-our homegrown Bangla Chhobi is on release on every Friday. Suppose, you have planned to see a film on Friday, what will you see on cinema premises? People are standing in a queue before the counter to buy tickets; perhaps not. Really you will have to buy a ticket above par from black marketeers. Perhaps you have hummed and had minute after minute before deciding to buy a ticket. Now you look around and will see the ebullient people poorly clad buying tickets without hesitation. However, you have been ushered to your seat in the cinema hall. You have taken your seat before the large silver screen with lots of pleasures of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The melodrama screening before you is a mediocre cocktail film of many Hindi films. Most part of the film is substandard imitation of Hindi version. You might have expressed your commiseration on the plagiarism saying ‘Hindi films are not above copying’. The fact of the saying is the Hindi films have at least a certain amount of fitness in their plagiarism. While you are finding the analogy between scenarios of Hindi and Bangla Chhobi, those people are clapping their hands hearing the dialogues. The greatest embarrassment for you was probably the heroine and her supporting actress. When a forty-something bulky heroine with all her flesh and other paraphernalia was posing as a twenty years old pouting her glossy lips with five layers of lipstick and throwing a tantrum at her hero, perhaps you were thinking of your favourite Indian heroine’s visage and its gestures. Since that local heroine was not a fine figure of a women, her tight outfit, not befitting for her, exposed rather her fat curves to you. Her jiggling in time to the music provoked you to such extent that you have pledged not to see Bangla Chhobi again. Hence forward our homegrown Bangla Chhobies are suffocating in middle and high-class family.

Dhallywood should take measures immediately to retain its mediocre and high-class spectators. The concerning body of the FDC should boost the team spirit. The Story Writer must keep it in mind that the stuff of all good movies is real life. So he needs not to copy others. The Director is the pivot of the film. It is he who can make the film master-stroke and earth-shaken. The mastermind should select glamorous film stars. Otherwise, the available tubby and chubby heroine should dress and jig in a way that befits a women of her position, so that she won’t be greeted with boos and jeers. The Choreographer with the assistance of a fine lyric-writer and a composer can make the film a musical one. The success of the film will largely depend on team work. I am optimistic that the stream-line production of the FDC will make a complete volte-face in people’s prejudice against Bangla Chhobi.