Women’s emancipation

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In our society men think it’s macho to underestimate and humiliate women. To women they are obtrusive and interloping. Man lambaste their wives for slight mistakes. A bluestocking may think, it’s machismo that makes man morbid. Consequently he treats the petticoat government at home with disdain. On the other hand, a misogynist thinks its penis envy that incites woman to accuse men. A few angry young men could debunk and rescue the country men from these orthodox beliefs if each and every one were literate. But the grabbers most of the time adopt blasphemies of the revealed religions in this regard. There is nothing of happiness to blaspheme against a religion. Moreover they humiliate the faith of general people. This type of lateral thinking would never be fruitful for women emancipation.

Not all women are hazed by their husbands. In fact, many men are victimized nowadays for the misconduct of their troublesome wives. Such type of men in gossip is called uxorious and women is known as xanthippe. It is not at all valorous to override the wishes of wives without rhyme or reasons. The number of men cut down to size by the curtain lecture of their wives is not too small.

On the other hand, there are so many women who have to lead their life making curtsies to their husbands. Ensuring women’s rights does not mean only to offer them an ignoble messy life. One entertains his lover with serenade while another delights in sadism. This part of one’s character is never defined by the religion. I think both man and woman should be on their best behaviour and abandon contending passions.

Feminists are generally fighting to extinguish sexism by ignoring corporeal dissimilarities of man and woman. What they mean in their sacrilegious and quibbling writings sometimes becomes caviar to the general people. Such type of feminists seems Grub-street writers to the faithful. Liberty has also its own constraints. A woman may be barbie but her dress is to be generic and socially acceptable. There is a popular belief that women enjoy ‘dressing up’. It does not mean that a woman should wear clinging clothes and falsies to exhibit her beautiful curves. Exhibitionism might cause great havoc to a woman in our society not yet being completely modernized. In our country women of conservative families still do not go outside without an escort. To emancipate women from slavery we should mark on the wrong side of the tracks.

Not all people of our country are self-reliant. Men are unemployed. Women are illiterate. Through marriage needy men become covetous of downy while women put them on their honour for rolling on and tutelage. At marriage dowering is a matter of serendipity found by the benighted people.Nowadays it is a great implement of men to harass women. Lack of economic freedom makes men beastly and women harmless. Very few women can vanquish the vanity of their hubbies and wear the breeches. A wide gap between the demands of husband and wife makes their conjugal life a hollow promise. It is a tragedy that the man whom the woman has enthroned in her heart shatters all her hopes for not having dowry again and again.

Practicing family planning nowadays is not a taboo. It saves women’s lives. According to a report on ‘the state of the world children, 1992′ ‘Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single ‘technology now available to the human race’. In China population growth is strictly controlled by the enactment of laws. This legislation has an unpleasant sequel on baby girls. They are often left on the street without any trace by their brutal parents. On the threshold of 21st century, what could be the best example of barbarity than it? In our country a village family is mainly wrecked on the rock of big size. Majority of women cannot practice family planning at husband’s disapproval. Once the women languish for freedom. Since there is little or no hope to work out their own salvation, they slave away in the kitchen as the pis aller. Eventually women become underdog in the peremptory overture.

The media should display ‘morality plays’ to attain edification of people. It is essential to exorcise nascent people of having preoccupation to take dowry at marriage. It may be gimmick to write tendentious articles and make impieties but it will never come into being. Moreover it is increasing zealotry in the society. The government should focus its attention on the enforcement of the existing laws rather than legislation. Otherwise, the whole nation will have to repine against in the near future.